We treat your business like our business. We speak your language and will find you solid candidates that will create profitable new business and gain market share. Our job is to find you the very best candidates available.

The candidates we submit will:

  • Make you look good
  • Make you money
  • Do the job you need them to do

True Partnership

We will work hand in hand with your internal human resources department to ensure your organization is seeing the very best talent available. All our recruiters come from the industries that we serve so we can provide you with insights and options that no one else can offer. 

Thinking about trying to find the right candidates on your own? 

There are over 785 million potential candidates on LinkedIn, does your internal team know which one is best for the job? 

At Michael J. Hawkins, Inc., all our recruiters come from within the industry. We understand the products you sell, the markets you sell in and the customers you’re targeting. Your business is our passion. 

We know the industry better than anyone else and know where to find you hidden talent not on the general radar. While internal HR departments mean well, they do not have the intimate knowledge of your industry and are not woven into the fabric as we are. We know who the movers and shakers are and we can bring them to you.

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Time To Fill

Time to fill is critical, that’s why partnering with us is essential. We typically source and present candidates within ten business days. 

We know where the hidden talent is and how to attract that talent for our clients.

100% Contingency

We are contingency recruiters so there is no risk. Our fees are earned after you hire our candidate through a successful placement.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our candidates. If you succeed, we succeed.

Our Process

1. Discuss needs with client including HR, hiring manager and other stakeholders.

2. Conduct thorough search including:

  • Proprietary data base with more than 25,000 resumes
  • Network with personal connections totaling 10,000 individuals
  • Select and interview candidates that match position description
  • Check references (given by candidate and others through our network)
  • Submit resume with personal addendum and highlights
  • Arrange for all interviews
  • Make offer on your behalf
  • Commence counter offer measures
  • Follow up with candidate after on-boarding

Client Tools

As your partner, we can help you create your position descriptions, offer letters and guide you through the hiring process.